Cutting through the smog: 5 ways to slash your pollution intake

 作者:劳糌袄     |      日期:2019-04-04 03:08:04
Sam Edwards/plainpicture By Nic Fleming   Many drivers think windows protect them from the pollution they are generating. They are wrong, mostly. A 2012 study of commuters in Barcelona found that car passengers in busy traffic were exposed to 30 per cent more carbon dioxide than cyclists or pedestrians who can move faster along the same route, 25 times more carbon monoxide, and between two and three times more PM2.5 and ultra-fine particles. One reason may be that the air intake on most cars is at the front, right behind the exhaust pipe of the vehicle in front, says Shaddick. There’s a catch. Although they were exposed to less pollution, the active commuters inhaled more of it. Overall, bus commuters inhaled the least. “Cycle or drive? Cycle, and take the back streets. It’s win-win: less pollution and more exercise. The same goes for walking. ” Some studies come to different conclusions. Outcomes vary with traffic speed, vehicle and fuel type, and the weather. “There is no one answer,” says Ben Barratt of King’s College London. “In slow-moving congested traffic,